Monday, 3 December 2012

NZ art love - Mandy Hague

 'Kaka Beak'


 'The Ladybird'


 'Ghost Moth'

Well, I just about died when I came across the works of this stunning New Zealand artist, who lives in my hood as well! Well....kind of. Everything's pretty close in NZ!
Mandy Hague is the artist behind these exquisite pieces of native beauty and, as you may be able to tell, has a love/obsession with NZ birds, flora and fauna! As do I! So I was pretty much drooling all over these works as I have found my newest muse/inspiration/hero in the art world - yay!

Based in Whakatane, Mandy is also dabbles in photography and can you guess her favourite subject? The beautiful bird life that is thriving in the Bay of Plenty on the Eastern Coast of NZ.
Mandy says that 'even in her simplistic of pieces, there is an undercurrent of ambiguity which creates a mesmerizing allure.' And I would have to agree! Although the subject matter appears fairly simple, there is such personality and depth to her work - ahhh I love these! Changing my computer desktop wallpaper right now ;)

Hope you like! Go share some love on Mandy's facebook or follow along her blog, which is loaded with beautiful snaps of native birds for fellow lovers of NZ wildlife.

 Detail from 'Tahaa'

  Detail from 'Tahaa'

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