Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Melissa Hartley

Under the watchful gaze "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2012
7 x 9 inches, 17.5 x 23.5 cm


By the light "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2012
7 x 9 inches, 17.5 x 23.5 cm

Tempestuous "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic and graphite on gesso board, 2012
18 x 24 inches, 45.7 x 61 cm

Intrepidation "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic and graphite on gesso board, 2012
18 x 24 inches, 45.7 x 61 cm

Desire "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2012
14 x 18 inches, 35.6 x 45.7 cm

Wonder "Phases de la lune"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2012
14 x 18 inches, 35.6 x 45.7 cm

Adore this woman's style! Look at those irises!! Melissa Hartley, an Aussie artist with a BA with Distinction in Design and minoring in Illustration. That's pretty much what I was studying....but then I got preggers and became a drop out! ha
Her dreamy compositions are said to 'highlight the turbulent relationship man has with nature.' Her vivid use of colour partnered with paler 'undefined' backgrounds makes for a striking visual combination, that is somehow beautifully strange and intriguing.

'She desires to create images of beauty and mystery that allow the viewer to find their own personal significance in them.'

Melissa is currently exhibiting her piece "Intuition" at the group show "Vanishing Points" held at Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne til 1st December, THIS SATURDAY! Make sure you go have a squizz if you're in Melbourne - some other awesome artists featured in that show with Melissa so definiately worth a look!!
For more information on her, or to follow along with current work, check out her website or her blog.

Earl "Royal Felidae"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2011
12 x 16 inches, 30.5 x 40.6 cm
Duke "Royal Felidae"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2011
12 x 16 inches, 30.5 x 40.6 cm

Princess "Royal Felidae"
Acrylic on gesso board, 2011
8 x 10 inches, 20.3 x 25.4 cm

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Work in Progress with Tran Nguyen




'Nestled Within a Pallid Disposition', acrylic & color pencil, 2012


I adore the work of American-Vietnamese artist Tran Nguyen and as you may know by now, I LOVE work in progress shots. I think it's so helpful for us newbies who are still working out our own style and technique, to see how other artists achieve layering and the order in which they work on their composition - it's so interesting!
So I couldn't resist sharing this little gem with you guys - the beautiful hand of Tran Nguyen as she worked on her piece 'Nestled Within a Pallid Disposition' layer by layer.
Plus a gorgeous little pic of her with some other legendary artist at the opening of Tran and Stella's exhibition 'Borrowed Memories'. check out more on Tran's blog here.

Power Quartet - Tran with Stella Im Hultberg, Audrey Kawasaki and Amy Sol. Beautiful ladies!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Marco Mazzoni

“Leda” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40x50

 “Ophelia” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40x50

 “Saskia” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40x30

 “Lament” 2012, matite colorate su carta, cm 40x30

I have been such a HUGE fan of Marco's work for awhile now - his work grips me everytime! So strangely beautiful and exquisitely composed, with these unnatural elements that merge together effortlessly.
Marco is influenced alot by 'Italian folklore....mystical women who seduce, bewitch, curse and cure.'
Heavily metaphorical, each piece tells a secret story of life, knowledge, power, beauty, religion, death - the eyes often removed or hidden, to avoid distraction from the ‘moment when a woman takes control of all, in harmony with nature’.

Another master of the humble coloured pencil, his skill in capturing and creating light/dark space and a spectrum of unqiue colours is astounding and often requires a second look to appreciate the artistry that has been put into each peice.
Check out his tumblr or facebook for his current updates and progress shots, which he always has plenty of!

“My Purple Past” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40x30

“Apnea” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 50x40

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Inspired by Katerina Sokova

WIP - Graphite pencil

What I'm currently working on....inspired by the amazing shoot by Katerina Sokova,  a 23 year old, photographer and design student living in St. Petersburg, Russia featured in Issue #8 of Pony Anarchy Online Magazine.
Her Flickr account is honestly a treasure trove of beautifully composed and styled portraits; dream-like hazy snapshots of scenes that leave you wanting to explore further.

 Olesia Series

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cendrine Rovini

'Petite femme des forêts nues'

 'La surface des profondeurs'

'La fille aux pieds d'oiseaux'

Oh what a find! Isn't it beautiful? I love the soft hand of this French artist Cendrine Rovini. 
Cendrine writes that she's obsessed delicacy and lightness and that her 'imagery comes from territories of dream'. She is currently playing with the idea of disappearance - translucent forms slipping away from the human eye, using simple mediums of graphite and coloured pencil on paper, wood and fabric.

 'Le bonheur de Néeparmilesarbres'

 'Echappée, le regard des deux soleils'                                        'Echappée, fermer les yeux'

 'Le printemps'

Go check out either her portfolio site or her facebook page. She also has a blog but unfortunately for most of us, it's in French! Good reason to learn ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2012


'lapizrojo' 9 x 14 cm

 'Red Umi' 9 x 14cm

  'de rojo la noche entera'

I love sketches and works on moleskin pages - there is something raw and natural about them. So when I came across these beautiful little compositions on Flickr, I went exploring abit further and found a little gem. 

Colombian illustrator and digital artist, Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor or Alterlier is a 22 year old art student at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogota, Colombia.
I'm not generally a huge fan of digital work but I LOVE the forms and shapes she creates with her compositions, very fluid, everything melts together so effortlessly. And she uses a really interesting colour palette on alot of her works - combining some really strong warmer and cooler tones for a striking impact.


  'My Melpomene'


 'Des trains des arbres para las mariposas'

Check out her portfolio website Morbid Tea for her full gallery of works.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hsiao Ron Cheng




Hsiao Ron Cheng, an amazing artist from Taipei, Taiwan and part of the Prisma Artist Collective. Her work is breathtaking! Not sure of her medium but I'm guessing acrylics? It's so smooth and dream like, every work is kind of sweetly eerie - in love with the colour palette she likes to use. Especially in 'Withering' - those lips! Just stunning...


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ooli Mos

 in/organic I, II, III - pencil on cardboard, 50X70 cm

I have been catching geometric patterns and shapes in my inspiration path so often lately, especially crystals! so beautiful and intriguing...

The illustrator here is Ooli Mos, one half of the creative duo Orka Collective. The pair of them are so crazy inspiring not just with illustration but design in general
I just love Ooli's style though - very simple and observational, drawn alot in pencil with beautiful linework and interesting shading technique. There is also a strong contrast with the use of black and white line in some of the more abstract works which I find so striking. Awesome subject matter and compositions too, which is inspired by magic, nature, animals and people.


 Posters for Arms and Sleepers

These are some more favs - I'm such a sucker for birds. Especially just good old realism peices in pencil - like they're being drawn for some big old biology textbook on bird study! 

Series of illustrations for Brownbook Magazine