Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bridge Stehli


London-based Australian artist Bridge Stehli. Not sure what these pieces are called or the medium but she works alot with graffiti and spraypaint.

I love what she said in her piece in Curvy 8, released earlier this year.

"My work is basically drawing parallels between human and animal behavior. I think the two are much more similar than a lot of us would like to think. I don't feel that humans are more intelligent than animals, I think that the intelligence of two species are not really comparable being that we exist under such different circumstances and have adapted specially to do just that. By our own human logic, we are less intelligent than ants because we can't communicate efficiently through pheromones the way that they do, or lift 20 times our own body weight. They are practically telepathic! I don't so much humanize animals as I do animalize humans. They are the good guys here, the under-dogs, we should learn from them...."

Amen sister! That just stood out to me - as I feel exactly the same! I have been really drawn to animals for awhile now and am planning on using them alot more. As you can probably tell, I love birds and have used them quite alot but I love this concept that Bridge addresses through her work.
So gorgeous. I would hang that Sir Bunny in my lounge. He's fancy!


  1. Lovely illustration!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for commenting ;) she's awesome aye! glad you like them x